Thursday, September 8, 2011


Well I'm home from our road trip. We arrived in North Carolina on the 28th to spend some time with my sister and friends.

The house was set off the road nestled in among the trees. There was a big deck on the back that faced the lake.

We headed to Lake Lure to have dinner. This is where a lot of the movie Dirty Dancing was filmed. There is even a plaque on one of the golf holes .

One day my husband and I hiked to the waterfalls that was in the movie The Last of the Mohican's. I was a bit disappointed because it was just a trickle and if you've seen the movie you know what it was really like. But we enjoyed our hike.

We also took one morning to climb to the top of Chimney Rock, I say climb because it was 472 steps to the top.

Another day we drove to Asheville and had lunch at the Grove Park Inn. Enjoying the view from the outdoor terrace, I had peach soup and a fried green tomato BLT.

We took time to drive to the National Park. I wanted to get a stamp for my National Parks passport book.

Soon it was time to say good-bye and head for Atlanta to visit my daughter and her family. Riley was playing soccer in a tournament and we were looking forward to watching her games.

Her soccer skills have really improved from the last time we saw her play. Her throw-ins are awesome.

We had a nice visit with Katy and her family. Now it's time to get back to running and going to boot camp.

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