Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Halloween decorations are going up in the neighborhood. The temperatures are still in the 90's so it's a bit hard to think about cool weather activities. However if you go in any of the stores you'll find not only Halloween decorations but Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Monday was boot camp. We were out in the parking lot doing lots of sprints, dragging the sled and using the big band. When we finished I was dripping with sweat. Sometimes I think why the hell am I doing all this. Then I remember, it's to keep me healthy. It's to keep my bones strong. It's to make me live longer.

Yesterday was coffee with my friend. We sat outside and talked forever. Later in the day I had a hair appointment which I badly needed. I told my hair dresser he was going to need a bucket of hair color for me. It has been six weeks since I last went. Too long. I was not able to get my run in but will try to make it up this week.

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Amy said...

So keep doing it because I want you to be around for a long time!