Friday, July 31, 2009


I'm getting the itch to run a race. Everyone is training for some kind of race and I have been sitting back and doing nothing. I found two to do in Sept. They are both a reasonable entry fee and both are 5 K's.
With that being said I need to step up my training. I have been doing the BFL workout program but this week I worked the lower body so hard I was too sore to do anything more until this morning when I had a training with Mark. It was upper body and abs were included. He had me try a side plank which was a bit harder especially when you are laughing.
Tomorrow I'm hoping I can get out early for an outside run.


Amy said...

So did you sign up for anything yet? My issue of Runners World came today and I know what you mean about feeling the itch!

Cindy said...

There are 3 races that I am looking at, all are 5K's.

Amy said...

Hey! And you were complaining about me not blogging????