Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Okay the weatherman said it was 73 out and when I went to get the paper it seemed cool. Great! I could finally have a run outside. I forgot that I have been running inside, in air conditioning, without humidity and no sun shinning on me and on a flat surface.
I don't know how those girls in Florida do it. It was really hard and I sucked. However I didn't quit and go home I stayed with it and did 4.5 miles. The one thing that kept me going was knowing that when I got home I could jump in the pool, and I did , with clothes on!


Kathryn said...

I've heard that TX heat is just as bad as the FL heat - maybe worse!! You are lucky to have the pool - I don't! I should go jump in Jenny's when she's not looking (JUST KIDDING!!!)

Amy said...

Good job, if it's any consolation, you probably burned a lot more calories running in the heat as compared to running at the gym.