Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Perfect weather for a run, the temp was around 65 and the sun was behind the clouds. Today I was going to tryout a new program from Women's Running magazine. Since I'm not new to running I started at week 3 which had me do a 5 min walk and then a 5 min run , repeat for 3 times but I added an extra repeat. This seemed to work out well for me. I even ran up some of the hills that I normally have been walking up.
The best part of the run was when I first started out, I spotted a bluebird .Haven't seen one all summer.

Sunday I went to the gym with Christy. It was time for Jillian and those darn cards I bought. I was having a real struggle with some of the sets. Somehow we managed to finish and decide to skip the cardio because we were too tired and my legs were sore.

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