Saturday, April 3, 2010


Yesterday was boot camp which was also weigh in day. I was down about a half pound. If I'd weighed after the workout I'm sure it would have been a lot more down. This seemed like one of the hardest since I started.
Our warm up was 5 sets of the following:
Lunges down the length of the room
5 push up, I did regular
lunges back to the start
5 jumping jacks

Next we grabbed some weights and did the following for 5 sets
Squats with shoulder press 5x each side
reverse lunge with weight 5x each side
20 crunches
20 mountain climbers

After we finished that we got a 25# disc and did the following for 3 sets
25 pelvic lifts with weight on lower abs
25 crunches with weight on upper abs

For the grand finale we did planks for 1 minute and partner push ups 3 sets of 15

In the evening I went to WW and was hoping to make my goal. The leader had me get on the scale and then looked up and said" Is there anything you can take off, you only need .4 more."
Well I can't take clothes off so I went to the bathroom and even with that I missed my goal by .2 of a pound. ARGH, I tried really hard this week but guess will have to wait until next week.

Hope everyone has a nice Easter.


Amy said...

Good for you!!! You are so close, I bet you get it this week!

Fran said...

I'm with Amy, I'll bet you'll get there next weigh inn.

Love the bootcamp by the way. I've been looking for this in Holland but it's not very common and not very close to home unfortunately.