Thursday, April 29, 2010


Today's run was on the city trails. I decided to take my camera with me along with a small bag of bread. Allie had mentioned that there were some ducklings up at the park and I was hoping I'd be able to get some pictures.

This is one of the bridges that I cross on my runs. I always stop to see if there are any turtles underneath and usually there are at least two or three.

Today there was only one sunning on the bank. As soon as I snapped the picture he went into the water.

Thirteen babies and they were happy to have the bread crumbs. They were really small.

On the other side of the pond were some bigger ducklings. I gave them some bread too.

The park maintenance people have been out planting, lots of flowers everywhere.

I'd been noticing that they have been doing some kind of work at two of the crossings and today I saw the results. They have installed two fountains for water but the neat thing is they are pet friendly. The fountains were donated by Walmart.

As I was nearing home I happened upon a pair of road runners. They were a bit leery of me and every time I tried to get a picture they would scurry away. I did get one of the female.

It was great to be out the temperature was around 64 and there was a strong wind most of the time so I did more walking then running.

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Amy said...

You should change the title of this blog to "Blog My Run Challenge" and let Diane know you did it! Great pictures and report! Talk to you later today...