Friday, April 30, 2010


I'd been waiting all week for the race results to be posted and finally last night they were up. My time was actually 36:26 and I placed 4th. I also noticed that I was the oldest person running. How does that make me feel. I'm amazed that I continue to do this and enjoy it. Are you ever too old to run?
There were three of us at boot camp and we did a circuit inside consisting of lunges with weights, jumping jacks, chest press, squats on the Bosu with a weighted ball, triceps kick back and push ups. After we finished three sets of these we did 50 crunches.

Tomorrow I go pick up my race bib and take it easy, race on Sunday.


Jenny said...

You are not too old to run! Besides, the wii says you are 25, right?

Amy said...

Nope, never to old to move your body!

Fran said...

That's so cool: being the oldest and finishing fourth! I've read your other post about the race and it looks like a fun run too.

Have fun tomorrow at your race.

Cindy said...

It was 4th place in my age group which was 50 years and up.