Monday, April 26, 2010


This was an inaugural race and was starting at 5pm on Saturday. The temperature was around 77 and there was a good breeze. My husband and I headed up to the shops around 4. We were going to get some raffle tickets and weren't sure how the parking would be. Turned out parking was a snap. My husband was going to take photos while I ran.

There were around 250 runners, I was on the right in a bright pink shirt. My neighbor was also doing this race only she was walking. She was a bit behind me. I started out good noticed my pace was faster than I wanted so slowed it down. We ran down the street turned and then another turn back.

I gave a wave to my husband and told him I'd see him at the finish. We turned on to the trails and at the 1/2 mile hit a hill and also was running into the wind. There were several more hills and some of them I decided to walk up. There was one nice hill down that went around a small pond and then we turned back on the trails and headed for the finish. My first mile was a 10:xx pace which was good for me. Somewhere on this course my neighbor (The Tortoise) also passed me. If you remember the story the Hare(me) was ahead and then stopped to take a nap and got passed. I didn't take a nap but got passed by Lucy.

Here comes Lucy nearing the finish line. Way to go for a first race.

I'm looking for the finish clock but there is none. I know it's not much farther and I'm thinking about the cold beer I'm going to have. Actually I had two! Crossed the line and my Garmin said 37:42, I'm happy with that and glad I'm out of the 40:xxs. Found my husband and he said Lucy beat me! "What, she's a walker" I said. Later I saw Lucy at the restaurant and said she should stick around because she probably got a medal.

Lucy with her first medal for third place.
We had a great time and I would definitely do this race again.


Amy said...

Great pictures and race report!

Mark said...

Great job on the race Cindy! You keep on getting faster, soon you'll be knocking on the 2x:xx's door. I love it when there are cold beers at the end of a race on a hot day. Also, I see that you are a bit ahead of schedule for you mileage goal. With a third of the year done, you are on track for 663 miles this year!