Monday, April 19, 2010


I really sucked at boot camp today and we were only doing two things, burpees and push ups. Everyone else was managing to do the reps but my body was having none of it. I made it through the third set of 13 burpees and 3 push ups and then I was struggling. I tried the next 12 burpees and 4 push ups but had to quit. Sitting on the mat with sweat dripping down she asked if I was okay. I said I couldn't finish and so first she suggested that I just eliminate the jump when I do the burpee, you'll get the same benefit. I tried, still struggling. I was disappointed that I was having so much trouble. Everyone else was doing it. Once again she asked if I was okay and I replied that I couldn't do this so she had me do crunches and push ups.
This is what were suppose to do,
Start with 15 burpees
1 push up
14 burpees
2 push ups
13 burpees
3 push ups
Keep doing this until you reach 1 burpee and 15 push ups. When finished you'll have done 120 reps of each.
We ended with a nice 10 minutes of yoga stretches.


Lori said...

Some days are just better than others workout- wise. You'll get stronger every day! Make sure you are getting your rest days in there, too :D

Amy said...

What a bummer - but I love the picture you chose to illustrate!