Thursday, April 22, 2010


I bought myself a bouquet of yellow tulips today, the grocery had a special price and they are one of my favorite flowers.

This morning I went for my run, tried a new route which was pretty flat so decided to time myself for a 5K and see how I did. My time was 38:56, not the fastest I've done it in but I realized I also had some pauses when I waited for traffic and there was a hill that I walked up. Finished with 3.40 miles for the day.

Wednesday was boot camp and this time we did a circuit of 4 different exercises, ten reps for 10 times. That came out to 100 squats with weights,100 lateral pull downs,100 lunges and 100 ticep dips. When we finished we were all dripping with sweat. As hard as this camp is I really enjoy it (except for Monday) and love the challenge to push a little harder.

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Amy said...

Good job! Enjoy your tulips (mine are almost blooming).