Friday, June 20, 2008


I left later than usual and walked to the city building to pay my water bill. This was my warm up. When I got back to where I usually start I cleared my Garmin and decided I would run for 1 mile. It was a stretch but I made it and this is the first time I have run a mile without taking a walk break. I continued on the trail doing the same as I did on Tuesday. About the time I got to the wide open fields I needed a potty. Now my problem was, where do you go in the wide open fields ? I managed to find a place near the rail road where there were some trees and bushes. I turned my watch off while I was doing all this searching and forgot to turn it back on when I started back on the trails. So now my miles and time were messed up. I finished my walk/run and jumped right in the pool for my cool off.
Yesterday I trained at the gym with Shayla. It was triceps, Chest and abs. After training I had to hurry home to change and go work at the shoe store.
Today I was suppose to train but it was cancelled. This has been a crazy week trying to fit everything in.
Miles today 4:98
Miles for week 9:64

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