Saturday, June 7, 2008


This was a great race. There were all kinds of door prizes, Christy won a $ 25 gift certificate to the Run On store. There was lots of food, bagels and kolache and bananas with lots of different drinks.

We started in front of the park and ran the trails to the west of the road. It pretty much was very similar to what I normally run. The sky was a gray color with a few patches of blue and the sun was trying to come out. I debated whether to take my hat or leave it in the car,finally grabbed it and got lined up. Christy and I started together then I pulled ahead. It was hot, it was humid and I was sure there would be a water station at the 1/2 way mark. Not going to happen, I was getting thirsty all the more reason to run faster so I can get a drink. Right near the finish I saw two guys coming towards me. They said the finish was near and I said I was looking forward to getting some water. The one said " do you need water, here take mine" He handed me an ice cold bottle of Gatorade. That was the best part of the race! Up ahead I saw the finish line and pushed as hard as I could to the end. My time was 38:59
There was a photographer to take your picture coming in. I sat down on the grass and waited for Christy. She was coming down the last stretch and looked as hot and tired as I felt. She finished in 42:28 .We both thought it was a good race and will definitely put it on our list of races to do.

I got 1st place in my age group. Now you know this is only because I was the only one in that group.

Total miles for the week 9:68


KatyShops said...

Way to go! Do you know why their is nobody else in your age bracket? They are all scared of you!!

Amy said...

I think Katy is right - and they damn well should be scared of you, you are definitely someone to be reckoned with!

Mark said...

Wow, a new PR!