Thursday, June 12, 2008


even the horses want inside. I was trying to talk myself out of running today. It was hot out, I waited too long, I couldn't find my socks. Oh I had all kinds of excuses but in the end I knew I needed to go out. I got everything ready and was doing a sock test because I could only find one of my smart wool socks. Grabbed my bottle of water, a must these days and headed for the trails. I did 4:66 miles same as Tuesday, my time was a bit longer but I met some friends and stopped to talk and forgot to stop my watch. My sock test has convinced me that the smart wool are the best. The foot without was sore by the heel and I'm sure if I had gone farther I would have ended up with a blister.
miles for week 9:32

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Jenny said...

I love the smartwool socks! Thanks for getting me hooked on them!