Thursday, June 5, 2008


Endicott Arms, Alaska

Can you believe that just a few weeks ago I was wearing a knit hat and warm jacket? I thought I would get a jump on the warm weather by going out a little earlier this morning. The weather girl was saying it was 79, but the sun was hiding behind some clouds and the wind was blowing. I figured it couldn't be too bad. I even decided not to take water. The start was rough because I was going into the wind but somehow it seemed easy. I decided to enjoy the run/walk and the sights along the way. Kids were headed for their last day of school and a dog was out on its own. Unfortunately the police had just spotted the dog(even asked if it was mine) and I don't think he was going to have much freedom left. By the time I reached the big pool I was hoping there would be a drinking fountain, no such luck. I did finish in less time then Tuesday and a bit farther in distance.

Total for week 6:58 miles


Amy said...

Brr - looks very cold up there in Alaska, but a great picture of you! Good for you on getting more miles in - sounds like your running has really improved over the last few months!

Jenny said...

Great job on your run today! I love the picture from the trip.