Sunday, June 22, 2008


This morning I made a new rule. If you don't get outside to run by 7:30 am you
have to run inside. I was enjoying the morning paper and before I knew it it was 9 am. I grabbed some water and some jelly beans and headed out the door. Of course I had to stop at Kids Kastle and then I decided I would take the route that goes past Walmart. It was getting warmer and I was getting hotter. I had a sports bra on so at one point I took my tank off to help cool down. I did put it back on when I hit the sunny stretch . I feel like I walked more than I ran but as Jenny says" miles are miles" . I was sure happy to make the turn onto my street and know that the pool was my next jumping off place.
Miles run 5:60
Miles for week 17:66

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Amy said...

Wow, 17 miles in a week, that's a lot! You've done really well!