Saturday, June 14, 2008


I can't even begin to imagine what the pioneers and Indians did out west when it was summer and the heat was unbearable. I have been without air since Wednesday and it isn't going to get fixed until Monday.

What's this have to do with working out. Well Friday I had to cancel my training appointment to take my husband to the airport and then I had to be at home to wait for the service tech. Finally at 10 pm he showed and promised he wold talk to me in the morning.

This morning I was up but I was too warm to even think of going out running and then I was waiting for the phone call that never came. I finally called to see what was going on and that's when I found out they wouldn't be here until Mon.

Tomorrow I am planning on rising early and going out for a run and Monday I will be back in the gym. So I guess 2 days off hasn't really hurt me.

On another note a big HIP HIP HOORAY to Andy and Jodie for taking 1st place in their age divisions at their 5K race this morning. Way to go!!!

I guess this is helping me get acclimated to the heat so I won't be bothered by it when I run the hottest race

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